Hi, im 0cto

im a dumb person on the internet that does dumb things. im currently working on kinniestuck, as head writer. i tend to tweet without thinking sometimes, if i tweet anything bad/misinformed, please tell me. if i need to tag something, please tell me. i am always open to change and hearing other sides. it isnt a habit of mine to unfollow people for giving "off vibes", though that can mean some shittier people slip through the cracks. always feel free to dm me if im following someone bad.


if you meet basic DNI criteria
if you do not believe at minimum that june is canon
if you support cuccigang and their actions
if you bash my hyperfixations (usually what i tweet about a bunch)
if you are mutuals/associate with @inosukedyke on twitter
if you are a truscum / transmedicalist / exclusionist / anti xenogender
if you support bi / pan / straight lesbians / gays or are one
if you erase any sort of canon rep
if you believe that 'cisphobia', 'heterophobia', and / or 'reverse racism' exists
if you believe that someone is racist / transphobic / misogynistic based soley on their kins
if you support cops / hold right wing beliefs
if you trigger shame / mock people for their triggers

otherwise, i just wanna grill (with people who arent assholes)

quick kin stuff

if you commonly talk negativly about my higher kins, (excluding the dumb fucking owl) i will softblock/mute you. sorry. also i dont have a full on kinlist because fuck that and also im dumb. nevermind.


please do not mention my time in jojotwt/my actions within jojotwt, as it can be triggering to my anxiety. otherwise, many of my triggers either dont come up or are commonly tagged enough to not be an issue. also tag hate against my higher kins. sometimes i will not realize to tag certain things (ex: abusive behaviors) because i may be normalized to said things. please point this out so i can tag things better in the future. please use tone tags like /j /p ETC because sometimes things will fly over my head. my kismesis is Michael, so please keep in mind that rude comments made towards eachother are purly for laughs outside of the bit. also if you could dm me when you sb me that would be poggers bc ill either assume i forgot to follow you or ill get fucked up bc of my abandonment issues, some sort of warning or reason is always nice.

have a nice day. also here are some dogs that are literally me.

new music? again? its more likely than you think.